Modern life is closely connected with using digital technologies. They greatly simplify human life and expand the limits of our financial possibilities.

Since their release in 2009, cryptocurrencies have not been as popular as they are now. It was impossible to pay with them in stores or exchange them for fiat and other things. However, as of today, the situation has changed dramatically. Now for the crypto, you can buy and sell a variety of real estate: apartments, cars, large and small plots of land, electronic equipment, financial and other services.

Quite a few countries around the world are favorably disposed to the new kind of money because they see in it a large number of positive aspects, which contributes to economic development. On this basis, the governing bodies of the country create regulatory frameworks for the regulation of digital currencies and their safe use. Cryptocurrencies can be used to invest in profitable startup projects, to pay in online stores, to exchange them among themselves, and to mine them themselves through mining. Cryptocurrencies simply had to be followed by digital asset exchanges, for coins to fully function.

Exsoft is the best solution to develop a cryptocurrency exchanger, because a team of professionals is ready to make everything turnkey. We know where to start, and what difficulties can be on the way of development and that's why we offer to use our services. Our team knows how to implement the necessary API for cryptocurrency exchanger, and connect all possible gateways, control, and security systems to get a turn-key business that allows you to earn from the first day of its implementation. Exsoft provides solutions that can meet the needs of absolutely any project. We do not only develop the functionality, but also the website design, taking into account all the current trends.

What is a payment provider and how to connect it?

A cryptocurrency exchange payment provider is a service that allows receiving and processing of cryptocurrency payments. It enables fast and secure transaction processing between buyer and seller. A payment provider can work as an intermediary between a buyer and a cryptocurrency exchanger, or provide its own exchange service.

To connect a payment provider to a cryptocurrency exchanger, you need to follow these steps:

  • Choose a provider which supports the cryptocurrencies you need and have a good reputation.
  • Register with the provider's service and get API keys to interact with their payment API.
  • Configure the provider's connection to your cryptocurrency exchanger using the received API keys and the provider's documentation.
  • Test the payment interaction between the exchanger and the provider to make sure everything works correctly.
  • Run the payment interaction in a live environment and continue to monitor the provider's performance, as well as respond to any issues that may arise during use.

As you can see, this process is quite time-consuming and requires special knowledge. You can set this task to your developers, or turn to professionals who know how to make these connections fast and without any delays or mistakes. The Exsoft team will integrate the connection of the payment provider to your exchanger for you in a short time.

Integration of Exsoft's turnkey cryptocurrency exchanger solution will be very easy, as this setup and connection is not the first time we have done it.

To start working with us, you should follow a few simple steps:
  1. Email us with a detailed description of your business needs.
  2. Our managers will contact you to gather your requirements for the task setting.
  3. We will give you a demonstration of the finished working product.
  4. Preparation of cooperation agreements.
  5. Contract and agreement signing.
  6. Project deployment and set-up. Preparing for launch.
  7. Acceptance of work and payment for the service.
  8. Calculating the profit from the quick result.
The main areas of Exsoft's work
  • We provide a ready-boxed solution for cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • Cryptocurrency payment gateway, thanks to which the most popular cryptocurrencies will be connected and stored, which you choose yourself;
  • Multi-level protection, thanks to two-factor authentication, which will provide your exchanger with maximum security;
  • Connection of the most popular payment services and bank cards;
  • Pricing policy that will satisfy everyone;
  • Adaptive and modern website design for any browser and any mobile device.

We guarantee you, we know exactly how to maintain and improve the performance of your site. We provide solutions that can meet the needs of any business. If you combine all the above-mentioned aspects of Exsoft's work, then it is safe to say that it is a professional solution. We advise you to use our services to bring your business to a new level and increase your profits many times over.

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