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About us

Exsoft — is a team of professionals specializing in providing complex solutions in the field of cryptocurrency technology. We offer our clients a «turn-key» boxed solution for launching a cryptocurrency exchanger — a business that is already ready to work with cryptocurrencies. Our team has a long experience in creating cryptocurrency exchangers and we are ready to provide you with the most effective and profitable solutions for your business. We provide a full range of services — from creating a turnkey cryptocurrency exchanger to integrating a cryptocurrency gateway for payments. We are ready to help you with creation of business in the crypto-sphere, to ensure its full functioning and development. Each of our clients is unique, that's why we offer package solutions and individual solutions depending on your needs. We are ready to develop a solution that best meets your conditions and business plan.

Our team of experts ensures we use the most advanced technology and data protection methods to keep your business completely secure. We strive for long-term relationships with our clients, so we are always in touch and ready to provide expert technical support and follow-up of your projects. If you decide to contact us, you can be sure that your business will get maximum support and development in the field of cryptocurrency technologies. We offer a turnkey cryptocurrency exchange and business that will allow you to make the most of the cryptocurrency market.

If you're looking for a reliable partner to create a cryptocurrency exchanger, connect payment systems and crypto-exchanges via API, then Exsoft is the perfect choice for you.

5 reasons why you should work with us:
  • Experience and expertise. Exsoft has many years of experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and a professional team consisting of experienced developers, designers and marketing specialists. We know how to create and run a crypto exchange, connect payment systems and crypto-exchanges via API and do it as efficiently as possible.
  • Individual approach. All businesses are unique and have their own needs. That's why we offer an individual approach to each project and are ready to develop a solution that best suits you.
  • Ready-made solutions. Our company offers ready boxed solutions for launching cryptocurrency exchange and connecting payment systems and cryptocurrencies via API. That means you get the full range of services you need to launch your cryptocurrency business without having to spend time and money to create everything from scratch.
  • Security and reliability. We use the most advanced technology and data protection techniques to keep your cryptocurrencies and personal data secure. We also guarantee a reliable crypto exchange and payment system so that you can be sure your business is running steadily.
  • Support and technical support. We offer a full range of maintenance and technical support of your project throughout its lifetime. Our specialists are always ready to answer your questions and solve any technical problems that may arise during work of cryptoexchange or payment system.

Exsoft is an innovative and fast-growing cryptocurrency business that provides ready-made solutions for launching a cryptoexchange, connecting payment systems and cryptoexchanges via API, as well as project support and maintenance. We are ready to offer you a boxed crypto-exchange solution that includes all the necessary components to successfully launch a business in the crypto-sphere. We know that launching a business in the crypto-sphere can be complicated and require significant effort and investment. That's why we offer you a turnkey business solution to help reduce the time and cost of setting up and launching your cryptocurrency exchanger.

Our approach to creating a cryptocurrency exchanger is to combine advanced technology and advanced data protection techniques to ensure your business is secure and to protect your customers. Additionally, we offer an off-the-shelf cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows your customers to make payments in cryptocurrencies, which will provide you with additional revenue streams and expand your customer base. We are ready to help you set up and integrate this gateway into your business so that you can easily accept cryptocurrency payments.

Our goal is to help you launch your cryptocurrency exchanger or integrate a cryptocurrency gateway into your business, and achieve maximum efficiency and profitability. We want to build long-term relationships with our clients and accompany their business through all stages of development. As a result, working with us will not only allow you to launch a successful crypto-business, but also ensure its long-term stability and efficiency. We are ready to be your reliable partner in the crypto-sphere and help you reach new heights in your business. Contact us today and convince yourself of our professionalism and experience in cryptocurrency projects!

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