Exsoft, as a developer and provider of ready-made cryptocurrency exchanger solutions, has extensive experience in creating this type of service that guarantees the system's reliability and stability.

Often, the development of a cryptocurrency exchanger may include several stages:
  1. Planning — defining project goals and requirements for cryptocurrency functionality.
  2. Architecture development — development of architecture, database, UI/UX design and other key aspects.
  3. Backend development — development of the server part of the cryptocurrency exchange service, which will process requests and interact with the database.
  4. Frontend development — development of the cryptocurrency exchanger interface, which will interact with the backend and provide the user with the necessary functionality.
  5. API development, which will allow exchanging data between the server and the client.
  6. Database development, which will store information about the user, their transactions, orders, etc.
  7. Testing of the cryptocurrency exchanger to check functionality correctness and to ensure user security.
  8. Launching the cryptocurrency exchanger and monitoring the system to solve possible problems and improve its performance.

Our team covers 100% of these development stages and provides a working service. We have professionals in their field who know what to do and how to do it. With Exsoft you will not need to hunt for a team or an individual specialist for a particular job, we will do everything for you.

By integrating Exsoft-developed service at your domain or by adding new payment systems at your resource you will save not only your time but also your finances which you would have spent on developing the service from scratch.

A cryptocurrency exchanger creation is a complex task that requires knowledge of both technologies and specific knowledge of cryptocurrencies and finances. Therefore, creating a full-function cryptocurrency exchanger will require various technologies and tools such as frameworks, APIs, databases, cryptographic protocols, and many others.

The off-the-shelf boxed crypto exchange solution from Exsoft uses various technologies such as Symfony, React, API Platform, GraphQL, RabbitMQ and others. In addition, we take care of the safety of users and exchangers in general, so we have also implemented robust security mechanisms to monitor the system.

Symfony, React, API Platform, GraphQL, and RabbitMQ, are all popular tools and technologies that are widely used in software development.

Symfony — is a PHP framework that provides the infrastructure for building PHP web applications. Symfony has a powerful architecture and a wide user base, making it suitable for building complex systems. It also has tools for working with databases, authentication and authorization, form processing, and many other features which could be useful for creating a cryptocurrency exchanger.

React — is a JavaScript library which is widely used for developing interactive user interfaces. React is not a complete framework, but it can be used in combination with other tools to create applications of any complexity. React is useful for creating the client side of a cryptocurrency exchanger because it makes it easy to create reusable user interface components, manage application state, and handle user interaction.

API Platform — is a Symfony and React-based framework for API development which provides many tools for creating and documenting RESTful APIs. It provides features for the automatic generation of API documentation and tests and includes tools for user authorization and authentication.

GraphQL — is a query language that allows customers to query only the data they need and get it in an optimized format. It also has powerful features for filtering, sorting, and aggregating data. GraphQL is used to handle data requests about cryptocurrencies, transactions, and other entities which may be associated with exchanges.

RabbitMQ — is software that provides message queues (message broker) that can be used to share messages between various application components, including microservices. It allows you to process and send messages between different system components, such as cryptocurrency management systems, payment systems, etc.

Each of the above-mentioned tools is used by Exsoft team in developing ready-made solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges. So when you work with us, you get a functional working service from a professional team of developers within a short period of time. You will not need to wait months and spend large sums of money on development. Order a ready-to-use business from us and start earning in the very first month!

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