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The integration steps on the Exsoft project

Step 1
Email us with a detailed description of your business needs.

Describe exactly what you are interested in, including all the details and fill out the feedback form. It is important to specify in the letter the desired scale of the project, required deadlines, payment systems and cryptocurrencies, as well as the need for additional services of the company.

Step 2
Our managers will contact you to collect the requirements for the task.

The first stage of negotiations includes communication between the client and the manager in order to clarify all the needs and details for the correct explanation of the task to the development team. The more precisely the wishes for the final result are described, the faster the team will complete the project.

Step 3
We will give you a demonstration of the finished work product.

You can see the demo version of Exsoft product which contains basic functionality of the future cryptocurrency service, its design, admin panel tools and see with your own eyes how unique and practical our service is.

Step 4
Preparation of cooperation agreements.

We will provide a detailed contract with a list of all the necessary services. The agreement will describe all the details regarding the resource to be developed and the performance time by the company.

Step 5
Signing the contract and cooperation agreement.

After discussing all the details, the contract is signed. This stage serves as a guarantee that all obligations are fulfilled by both parties.

Step 6
Project deployment and set-up. Preparing to launch.

After signing all paperwork obligations, the project starts. At this stage your exchanger is deployed in our development environment, as well as the integration of payment systems via API. The team of experts will customize the solution for your business and prepare the product for launch.

Step 7
Acceptance of the work and payment for the service.

We are providing a finished product, considering all your wishes and needs, and, after approval, the customer pays for all the services provided. We do not impose unnecessary functions on the client, you pay only for what you will use.

Step 8
Profit calculation from a quick result.

There is no question that a high-quality web resource will bring positive changes to business activities. By choosing Exsoft you provide your business with rapid development and profit increase.

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