Crypto license

Obtaining a crypto license in Poland

Obtaining a cryptolicense in Poland

Digital technologies have already managed to take their place of honor on the financial market of many countries. They have a large number of advantages, since thanks to the introduction of innovations, it is possible to save the customer's time, open and optimize the business. If you have decided to open your own business on the Internet and are looking for a reliable assistant, then you are in the right place. Exsoft.io — your universal assistant, providing the creation of a turnkey cryptocurrency exchanger. We know where to start, and what difficulties may arise on the way, and that is why we advise you to resort to our services. We will be able to prepare a promising European platform and scale it in the future. Our services allow clients not to worry about such trifles as design or about such big things as crypto licensing and registration of your business. Let's take a closer look at the latter.

Polish legislation in the field of cryptocurrencies

At the end of 2021, namely in November, the improved AML rules came into force, and digital assets fell under regulation. Starting from November 1 of the same year, the crypto was legalized in Poland. The business that was already registered in Poland at the time of the entry into force of this law received a benefit. These companies were given 6 months to adapt all their activities to the amended legislation. And those firms that opened after this date must initially obtain a license for their activities.

Poland allows you to engage in such activities related to cryptocurrencies:

  • exchange of bank and virtual currencies;
  • conversion of one crypto into another;
  • mediation in the purchase/sale of cryptomonets;
  • storage of digital coins.

Changes to the requirements for obtaining a license and registering a crypto company in Poland require that a different way of applying KYC be supported when working with crypto. Previously, the threshold for entering the market was equal to 15,000 EUR, starting from October 2021 — from 1,000 EUR. It is worth pointing out that such a threshold is more relevant to cryptomats.

Well, if the company is not registered and does not receive a crypto license in Poland, it faces a fine of up to 21,600 EUR.

What conditions does Poland put forward to crypto companies?
  • mandatory registration of a company with a real office;
  • confirmation of the absence of a criminal record, for example, against the country or local authorities; in addition, the absence of any atrocities that directly relate to documents or business, the use of currencies, etc.;
  • open bank account with start-up capital;
  • hired staff — directors, managers, etc.;
  • developed a business plan for several periods in advance, so that the regulator checking the company could understand how your business will develop in the future;
  • it is necessary to think carefully about AML and KYC policies for reliable acceptance and subsequent processing of payments;
  • you will need to confirm your work experience or your knowledge in the cryptosphere;
  • take a course of study on legal and practical issues that are directly related to the crypto;
  • mandatory submission of regulatory invoices.

As you can see, there are many requirements, which is why it is so important to apply for this service to experienced specialists who have more than one case of obtaining a license for crypto companies in Poland on their account. One of these commands is Exsoft. By contacting us, you can be sure about obtaining a license and forget about all the above points.

The fundamental stages of obtaining a cryptolicense include the following:
  1. Preparation of all necessary documents with their subsequent submission for company registration in Poland.
  2. Obtaining an electronic digital signature and a Polish PESEL tax number.
  3. Entering data about the company in the register of crypto organizations in Poland.
What services does Exsoft.io provide as part of obtaining a license?
  • Professional legal advice on the possibilities and details of obtaining a cryptocurrency license.
  • Formation of a package of documents that are needed for online registration.
  • Obtaining electronic digital signatures (EDS). There is a possibility of obtaining a signature removed if you have previously certified your signature at the Polish consulate.
  • Payment of state duties, which are directly related to the registration moments of a legal entity.
  • Formation of initial declarations, which are submitted to the tax service and to the register of beneficiaries of Poland.
  • Assistance in obtaining a PESEL, this is nothing else than a Polish tax number.
  • Opening a personal bank account or a personal account in a specific payment system;
  • Full legal support during registration.
  • Registration of a real legal location;
  • Collection of documents for entering a crypto company in the register of organizations that work in the field of digital assets, payment of state duties is also made.
  • The AML procedure is being carried out in Polish.
  • Coordination of your further actions with state regulators during their consideration of your application.
  • Further accounting, technical and legal support is possible at the request of the client.
What documents are required from the client to register a cryptocurrency company?

In order to open your own virtual asset exchange business, you will need to provide us with the following papers:

  • A document that will indicate the absence of a criminal record and other problems with the law;
  • Power of attorney from lawyers for company registration;
  • A copy of your passport and foreign passport, which will be notarized;
  • Prepared options for the name of the future business, since we need to check if the name is free.

We undertake all further registration of registration documents, such as power of attorney, electronic identification, opening a bank account and entering a business into the general register of similar companies, and more. The pricing policy for obtaining a turnkey cryptolicense in Poland is 8000 EUR. In addition, for each client we provide a bonus in the form of the first 3 months of software rental for free, you save 750 EUR, since such a service is 250 EUR per month. You can read more about our service packages here.

Turning to Exsoft for a license service, you get all the most necessary aspects for obtaining a crypto license, registering a digital asset exchange business, its quick launch and full functioning. We will develop a clear business model for you based on your wishes.

We care about our customers and therefore have developed service packages for any starting budget so that everyone can realize their ideas.

If you still have any questions about obtaining a license, please contact our managers. Exsoft.io specialists have extensive experience in the field of starting a business involving cryptocurrencies, as well as related licensing.

Crypto license in Poland is a fast way to develop your business.

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