Need a ready-made crypto business? Use Exsoft's on-box solution!

If you want to have your own business in the cryptosphere, then take advantage of Exsoft's out-of-the-box services. Exsoft is your one-stop shop providing turn-key cryptocurrency exchanger creation.

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Services we provide

Do you need to quickly connect the exchanger? — We have a ready-made solution!

Don't waste your time and money, Exsoft team will do everything for you. We will quickly integrate the pre-made boxed solution for your cryptocurrency exchanger, and you can start to make a profit right now! Read more...

Do you already have an exchanger, do you only need a gateway? — We have a ready-made solution!

A cryptocurrency payment gateway is a special service that allows payments using cryptocurrency. It integrates with a cryptocurrency exchanger and allows users to make payments in cryptocurrency when purchasing goods or services. Read more...

Do you need to connect new crypto exchanges? — We have a ready-made solution!

Exsoft offers a service to connect new crypto exchanges to your exchanger. If you want to add new cryptocurrencies to your exchanger, then we are ready to help you. We provide a full range of services to integrate new cryptocurrencies to your exchanger. Read more...

Do you need a payment system for making mass payments (batch)? — We have a ready-made solution!

The mass payments providing (Batching transactions) — is nothing more than the parallel processing of large numbers of payments. Instead of processing each payment separately, they can be combined into a batch that processes them in one transaction. Read more...

Safety and security

Safety and security

Do you want to start your business in the crypto industry? - Then create your own crypto exchange in a couple of weeks
  • Security and protection are very important for any business, and cryptocurrency exchanges are not an exception. Everyone needs a reliable cryptocurrency exchanger, so by turning to Exsoft for services, you get not just a ready-made cryptocurrency exchanger, but also a service that is securely protected from scammers. Information protection is possible if you ask for help from those who really know about it.
  • Exsoft is your personal assistant in promoting a ready-made business or creating a new one from scratch. Crypto-exchange security is our primary task, which we perform with the highest quality.
  • Through Blockchain technology and thousands of encrypted keys, all customer data will be securely encrypted. Data loss using modern algorithms is simply impossible, as each word has a digital code, which is transmitted between network nodes under thousands of ciphers. Acceptance of cryptocurrencies on the site will be characterized by transparency, this is one of the obligatory conditions, which we adhere to in attracting new clients to the site. It is transparency in transfers and excluding hidden commissions that will allow your exchanger to compete effectively in the digital market of crypto-platforms.
  • Exsoft offers its clients reliable and secure turn-key cryptocurrency exchanges developed by using reliable frameworks and technologies like Symfony, React, API Platform, GraphQL, RabbitMQ, and others, as well as using multi-level access system, firewalls, and two-factor authentication connection.

Useful functionality

Exsoft ready-made crypto-exchangers solution have a great advantage over other similar services. Take a look at the main functionalities of our exchangers and check them out for yourself.


We will develop for you the most informative crypto-exchanger, that will be most useful for the client and will correspond to all the latest trends.

Stylish design, clear structure, intuitive navigation, online exchange rates charts, and news section with latest events of the crypto-world — and even these are not all the advantages of Exsoft crypto-exchangers, which will make the service maximally informative and convenient for users.

Make a detailed requirements specification and note down all your preferences, we will definitely take them into account when developing the design and structure of the future crypto exchanger. Entrust your business to professionals!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level of success?

Contact us, and we will try to provide you with the most suitable offer.

System Interface

By choosing our service, you will get access to many useful tools which will help you to gather and analyze statistics, view requests and their status, and the list of available cryptocurrencies for exchange. This will help optimize your platform's performance and improve the quality of your services.

Rates page
News list page
News details page
Reviews page
Admin requisition list
Admin requisition details
Admin client list
Admin client details
Admin payment system
Admin news list
Admin news details
Admin card verification
Admin feedback list
Admin mailings
Admin reports

Why choose us

Continuous improvement and optimization
Continuous improvement and optimization

We are driven by excellence, so we regularly work to improve the Exsoft service. By purchasing any of the services, you will receive constant product updates, which contributes to even greater optimization of your work.

Loyal price offer
Loyal price offer

The product's price is fully consistent with its quality. We provide not only a package price for the full range of services, but also a personal estimate depending on the needs of your business.


The product is capable of adapting to a various number of users and a heavy traffic load. We will prepare the perfect service, depending on the functional needs and volume of your business.

Reliable technical support
Reliable technical support

The technical support specialists will be available 24/7 for any questions regarding our product and its use. We will consult in any difficult situation and provide the right solution.

Connect the exchanger to any monitoring

We will help you submit a successful request to be listed in the monitoring services.


We will answer all your questions

If you have any questions, contact us!

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