Security and protection

Security and protection is the #1 priority for cryptocurrency exchangers, it is extremely important in order to prevent any hacker attacks or fraudulent attempts to gain access to confidential information or funds.

We believe that all money transactions and customers' personal data should be reliably protected, so we offer an advanced security system and provide the necessary level of security at all stages.

Multi-level security system

Since the main goal of crypto-exchangers is to ensure the security and protection of users' funds, we use various security measures to achieve this goal.

Two-factor authentication of a crypto exchange is an authentication process that involves not only entering a username and password, but also an additional code that will be received on the user's phone. In short, two-factor authentication involves adding another layer of security to your account. That is, you will only be able to access a website once you have entered an additional code that increases the security for your account. Two-factor authentication has a number of advantages, such as:

  • enhanced security;
  • strong data protection;
  • availability and performance;
  • management of customer requests;
  • a modern, simple yet secure way to use it.

A multi-level access system does not provide two or more ways to access a resource. Therefore, it is considered safer and more reliable, because it offers secure data exchange, document integrity and provides the ability to monitor changes.

The next important way to secure a cryptocurrency exchange is considered to be protection from scammers and cheaters. Since online scams have been around for a very long time, there are a lot of different schemes, methods, and convoluted plans to gain access to confidential data. Most of them are already familiar to users who seem to take precautions. But in the meantime, scammers continue to search diligently for next tricks, develop more advanced, cunning schemes and use their new developments, tools that lead to new scammer attacks.

Exsoft offers pre-made solutions for crypto exchangers with effective methods against all kinds of online threats and attacks to prevent any way for scammers and any other scammers to get access to confidential information, personal customer data, accounts and crypto exchange funds. An encrypted crypto-exchange database will keep the personal data of all customers of the resource secure. That is, encryption protects personal and confidential information in such a way that only the server can decrypt it.

It is very important for us to ensure security and most importantly - uninterrupted functioning of your crypto-exchange. That's why we also offer protection from all kinds of DDoS attacks, because our servers are effectively protected and have all the necessary tools to prevent them. This will help to avoid different failures, which can be caused by doubtful and low-quality traffic or other factors.

In addition to the development of the crypto-exchange software itself, you also get reliable support, in which we regularly subject crypto-exchangers to security audits to monitor and make sure that the systems are safe and secure. We also conduct thorough monitoring and blocking of suspicious activities by our experts.

We believe that crypto-exchange security should not be compromised under any circumstances or unforeseen situations, which is why we offer a robust security and protection system that can prevent losses and minimize the risks of hacker or scammer attacks.

Standard security settings are used by most, but that's not enough for us, that's why we additionally implemented unique protection methods for each of our crypto-exchangers.

With Exsoft, the security of your crypto-exchange will be highly protected and meet all the highest security standards.

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