With the Exsoft services, you can successfully open and run your own exchange service.

But how do you know if your service is successful? Statistics and reports will help you.

Typically, all reports are in the administrative panel, which managers and service administration have access to. It can be configured exactly how you want it:

  • By e-mail;
  • via passwords;
  • or using whatever system you prefer.

Especially in the administrative panel, the manager and any other employee who have access will be able to track the success and number of conversions. Conversions are the ratio of the number of users or visitors on the site who performed a targeted action on it, in your case - an exchange, compared to the total number who were on the site.

There are several types of reports:
  • Transaction report. One of the most important indicators of the success of a project in the financial sphere is precise transaction/application statements. You can use it to analyze all the important aspects. The transaction report stores extensive information such as the client's name, hash of the transaction, time of execution and time of payment of the request, payment method, etc.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange report. With this type of reporting, you can track market trends and audience preferences, as well as understand the mood of potential customers. Make your predictions for the near future and even launch various promotions if necessary.
  • Executed requests report. By analyzing the fulfilled orders report, companies can gain insight into sales performance, inventory levels and customer behavior. This information can be used to identify trends and opportunities for growth, as well as to make decisions based on inventory management, marketing strategies and customer service data. In addition, such data will show the number of new and repeat customers. And with the data, you can analyze various aspects: what factors in the exchange, the time of exchange, and so on.

Admin panel report of the exchanger. The dashboard of the cryptocurrency exchanger usually contains many reports that provide information about transactions and performance of the service. These reports can include:

  1. Transaction History: a report that provides a detailed record of all transactions that have taken place on the exchanger, including buy and sell orders.
  2. User Activity: a report that tracks user activity on the exchanger, including log-in times, account creation dates, and IP addresses.
  3. Liquidity Report: a report that provides information about the liquidity of the cryptocurrency exchanger, including order books, transaction depth, and market activity.
  4. Compliance and Regulatory Reporting: a report that monitors regulatory compliance, including KYC and AML rules, and reports suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.
  5. Revenue and Profit: a report which contains information about revenue and profitability, including trade fees, withdrawal fees, and other sources of revenue.

To add to that, all reports are available for downloading to your computer in excel spreadsheet format. In addition, you can set up various filters, one of which is a filter by date.

It is important to keep in mind that the specific reporting requirements for cryptocurrency exchanges may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the current legal framework. Generally, exchangers are required to collect and store data about their users, including their identities, addresses, and transaction histories. They are also required to monitor transactions for suspicious activity and report any suspicious transactions to the appropriate authorities.

Overall, cryptocurrency exchange reporting is an important aspect of ensuring the integrity of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and preventing criminal activity. By complying with regulatory requirements, exchangers can help create a safer and more secure environment for cryptocurrency users and investors.

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