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The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market has created a demand for a wide range of payment systems and exchanges that allow for easier exchange of investment funds. Integrating cryptocurrency solutions into business processes allows companies not only to take their products to the next level but also to identify new opportunities for growth and profit.

In order to start working with cryptocurrencies, businesses need reliable and convenient solutions for exchanging cryptocurrencies. One of the most effective ways to provide such solutions is by using cryptocurrency exchanges or APIs to connect new payment systems. This allows a company not to engage in the in-house development of appropriate solutions and focus on the development of its business model.

One of the main advantages of using ready-made solutions for crypto exchangers is the ability to get a product/service with minimal effort and expense. A company does not need to spend any more resources to develop its own solution, but at the same time, the business gets the opportunity to provide its clients with access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies and favorable terms of cooperation. In addition to ready-made solutions, companies can also find many APIs to connect different payment systems and cryptocurrency exchanges. This allows companies to be more flexible with their needs and gain access to more favorable terms of cooperation. Moreover, if you decide to buy a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange, you can get a lot of advantages compared to building everything from scratch yourself.

Exsoft's ready-made boxed crypto-exchanger solution has an already configured interface and working functionality, which makes it much easier to use and integrate with your business. Besides, our company will professionally and efficiently solve all the tasks for you, as we offer favorable terms of cooperation and additional benefits that will help you increase your profit and efficiency:

  • API access;
  • integration of the most popular payment systems via API with their further update;
  • technical support;
  • Crypto Transaction Monitoring Tool - Sumsub;
  • integration of a third-party KYC provider;
  • third-party exchange integration;
  • Data security (built-in two-factor authentication (2FA), high quality protection from DDoS attacks);
  • connection of fiat currencies (UAH, USD, EUR) and 60+ cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins;
  • module for a two-tier affiliate program;
  • advanced financial reporting system;
  • the layout of adaptive web design of cryptocurrency exchanger, which ensures the correct display of the site on different devices;
  • marketing module, which allows you to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on various platforms;
  • a system of automatic calculation of managers' salaries with the report's output.

Flexibility and individual approach to each client we work with are also an important aspect of profitable cooperation. Our company offers you a variety of pricing plans, taking into account the characteristics of your business, to ensure the most comfortable and effective interaction.

One more advantage of beneficial cooperation with us is the possibility to connect cryptocurrency and other payment systems via API. This allows you to use different cryptocurrencies in your business and make fast and convenient payments. There is no need to do extra work to integrate every single currency, Exsoft will do it for you, which will drastically increase your business efficiency.

More and more business opportunities are opening up in our cryptocurrency world today. Buying a Exsoft ready-made cryptocurrency exchanger with good terms of cooperation will be a good solution for anyone who wants to expand his business and provide additional opportunities to his clients. Or you can use API to connect payment systems with beneficial terms of cooperation just for your business.

Regardless of the option you choose, it's important to know that cryptocurrencies are not only the future, but also the reality that you should use on your path to success. Whether you want to buy a ready-made cryptocurrency exchanger or connect payment systems and cryptocurrency exchanges via API, the Exsoft team will be happy to help with any questions or tasks. We offer a fast and professional approach to every client, and reliable support after conclusion of the contract. So if you are looking for a reliable and experienced partner to grow your business in the cryptocurrency industry, contact us today. We will be glad to provide you with consultations and help you choose the best option of cooperation.

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