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During the last few years, cryptocurrencies became more popular as a payment instrument as well as a means of holding assets. Therefore, more and more investors and crypto-owners want to invest their assets profitably in businesses which are directly related to crypto, particularly in exchangers. This process can be complicated and long-term, so many businesses decide to buy a ready-made crypto exchange or API (to connect new payment gateways) in order to get a quick and easy return on investment, much less start making money from that. The solution for these two questions will be cooperation with Exsoft experts, who will perform the connection of new payment systems, and cryptocurrencies without any difficulties and also will develop crypto-exchange on a turn-key basis, in accordance with all your requirements and wishes.

Let's still analyze the process of connecting new payment systems to the existing crypto-exchange, as well as consider the main steps to go through to develop a crypto-exchange from scratch.

How occurs the process of integrating a new payment system on the crypto-exchange?

Payment system connection to the cryptocurrency exchanger is usually made through API (Application Programming Interface), which is provided by the payment system itself. To connect a payment system to a cryptocurrency exchanger you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Get access to the API of the payment system. To do that, you need to register in the system and get an API key.
  2. Configure the connection parameters with the API of the payment system in the code of the cryptocurrency exchanger. This is usually done using libraries to work with the API.
  3. Implement a payment system request handler in the cryptocurrency exchanger code. This handler must send requests to the payment system and process responses.
  4. Test the operation of the payment system in the cryptocurrency exchanger. To do this, you need to perform test transactions and verify the correctness of their processing.

In addition, before connecting a payment system (gateway) to a cryptocurrency exchanger, you need to make sure that the payment system supports the required currencies and performs all the necessary security checks.

As you can see, connecting a payment gateway is not that easy if you are facing it for the first time, so the faster and more effective solution for this integration is to consult professionals. You can, of course, find developers (if you don't have them on your team), assign them the technical requirements for this task, and wait while they review all the documentation and connect the payment system. And even this may not be the end of the whole process, because there is no guarantee that they will handle this task correctly. This is why to save your time, money, turn to Exsoft specialists at once and they will integrate all necessary currencies to your exchanger within a short period of time.

What is included in cryptocurrency exchanger development?
  1. Planning. At this stage, the requirements of the exchanger should be defined, a list of functionalities should be compiled, and technologies and platforms for development should be selected.
  2. Interface design and development.
  3. Backend. Developers are involved in creating the server side of the exchanger, they write code for managing databases, APIs for interacting with other services, and exchange protocols.
  4. Frontend. Developers create the client side of the exchanger, write code to display the information on the website and implement the user interface.
  5. Integration with payment systems.
  6. Testing and debugging. After the development and integration are completed, the exchanger will be tested and debugged. Developers and testers check its performance, stability, and security.
  7. Deployment. When the exchanger is ready to work, it is deployed on the hosting or your server.
  8. Support and development. After the launch of the exchanger, it must be maintained and developed. Developers perform updates, add new features and improve the exchanger to make it more convenient and safe for users.

Well, it takes months of constant work by a large team of developers to accomplish all these steps, which will cost you a lot of work. In addition, you will never know in advance how good this or that specialist is in order to get the desired product in the end.

Working on a crypto exchanger, it is difficult to avoid all the dead ends and numerous errors. That is why you should not hesitate to ask the experienced developers of Exsoft team for their services. You can order them to develop a ready-made cryptocurrency exchanger according to all your requirements.

To integrate Exsoft's ready-made solutions, you need to:
  1. Email us and describe in detail your business requirements.
  2. Then our representatives will contact you to clarify all the nuances of the application.
  3. We will show you an example of the finished working product.
  4. Prepare cooperation agreements.
  5. We sign a contract and a cooperation agreement.
  6. Next, the deployment and set-up phase of the project. Preparing to launch.
  7. You accept our work and pay for services.
  8. We count the profits from the quick result.

That's all you need to develop a crypto exchanger from scratch. With Exsoft you not only save time and resources, but also start earning from the very first month after submitting your request for exchanger development.

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