The cryptocurrency exchanger administration panel plays an important role in managing and controlling all the processes that take place on a cryptocurrency exchange platform. To ensure full control over your exchanger's operations, Exsoft provides a user-friendly and flexible admin panel to manage users, assets, and tools. With an intuitive back-office dashboard, cryptocurrency exchanger staff can easily monitor end-user activities and modify exchanger settings.

Here are the main reasons why the administration panel is an important part of a cryptocurrency exchanger:
  • Statistics and analytics. The exchanger administrator can see basic exchanger statistics such as the total number of users, number of transactions, total volume of trades, etc. Analytics on user behavior such as the number of exchanges, average transaction size, frequency of using certain features, etc. can also be provided.
  • Users. The administrator of the exchanger can view user profiles, manage their accounts, block users, view the history of transactions, etc.
  • Request management. You can manage open requests, view their status, and cancel or execute them. You'll also be able to refund and track each customer's complete transaction history.
  • Commissions. The exchanger administrator can set fees for the system.
  • System settings. You can customize various parameters, such as language, design theme, user notifications, security settings, etc.
  • Support. Admin can review and respond to users via the support system, provide answers to frequently asked questions, etc.
  • Managing currencies. You can manage currencies that are available on the cryptocurrency exchanger platform, add new currencies, and edit the parameters of existing ones.
  • Security: The admin panel also plays an important role in securing the cryptocurrency exchanger platform. The administrator can manage access to the dashboard, set access rights and monitor the system for suspicious activity.
  • Verification. Verification of user documents and payment cards.
  • Referral program. You can manage an affiliate program, charging certain rewards for monitoring services, for example, or help with the payment of referral funds, etc.
  • Marketing. Our developers have developed a special module to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. You will be able to see which of the traffic channels is profitable, whether the advertising integration was positive, etc.
  • Improving the quality of service. The cryptocurrency exchanger administration panel allows quickly responding to user requests and complaints, improving the quality of services and increasing the level of trust in the platform.
  • Faster processes. Cryptocurrency exchanger admin panel allows to automate and speed up processes related to platform management, which helps increase efficiency and save time and resources.

Well, and even this is not all of the main parameters and functions which you will be able to monitor after integration of our ready-boxed solution for your business. You can see more details about the admin part of the cryptocurrency exchanger on the demo version of the service, which will be developed according to your request.

With Exsoft you get not only a modern cryptocurrency exchanger with an intuitive interface, design, and simple structure, but also the most detailed site administration panel. Keep tracking all customer requests, and refunds, verify customers, connect and disconnect required fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, analyze marketing campaigns, charge rewards for participating in the affiliate program, etc. all in one place — in the personal dashboard of the cryptocurrency exchanger administrator.

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