Flexible exchanger functionality

When starting a cryptocurrency business, an important advantage is its flexibility and the ability to expand functionality as needed. The solution offered by our team fully meets the needs of businesses of any size.

Our clients can customize the admin panel, make their own edits, monitor the statistics of exchanges, view the number and status of requests, and much more.

The service functionality managed from the admin panel. Choosing our service, you will get access to many useful tools, which will help optimize the work of your platform and improve the quality of services provided.

The main advantage of the Exsoft solution is its scalability. Our product is capable of adapting to a different number of users and heavy workload. We will prepare the perfect service, depending on the functional needs and size of your business.

Based on your wishes, you can add automatic user registration or allow the exchange in anonymous mode. For convenience users on the site can choose day/night interface mode.

Many useful options can be both activated in exchanger settings and disabled. In addition, the administrator can moderate exchange destinations, no need to contact technical support to add or remove a particular currency or crypto coin on the service's website.

Moreover, crypto exchangers from Exsoft have a user-friendly personal account, an informative admin panel, as well as many modules which allow them to collect statistics, analyze requests, calculate effectiveness of advertising campaigns and much more.

Our team is always in step as the time goes by and expands the range of our knowledge and skills, as well as the ability to implement the most daring customer solutions.

Exsoft will help you not only to develop a turnkey crypto-exchange, but also make it trendy, interesting, understandable, easy and, of course, profitable. We are not afraid of complicated tasks, so we are glad to help you in performing the desired functions of the service.

The exchangers developed by us are not static, they provide for making changes, expanding the structure, connecting new exchange directions and much more.

Flexible terms without any hidden fees

The cost of the product is fully consistent with its quality. We provide not only a complete pricing plan, but also personal calculations depending on the needs of your business. There are no hidden fees, you pay only what is necessary for your exchanger model.

You pay only for technical support and web hosting. No hidden fees or exchange volume commissions. We don't charge any interest on monthly turnover, your profit is entirely yours. All terms and conditions are clearly and concisely spelled out in the contract, so you can be sure of your expenses.

Flexible service system

Exsoft is ready to implement any of your ideas, regardless of their complexity. If you want to expand the functionality of your site and add something unique, we will create and connect any new custom module based on your wishes.

Technical support specialists will always be online to solve any questions about our product and its use. Our developers are ready to make individual modifications of the resource for better functioning. We will consult in any difficult situation and provide the necessary solution.

The services that we represent to our clients are completely focused on the business needs and its rapid development. We do our best to make our cooperation productive, and the profits of Exsoft clients increase exponentially.

We will answer all your questions

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