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A cryptocurrency exchanger is a digital platform that has certain reserves of virtual coins available to buy and sell, and then directly makes a user's needed cryptopayments. In order for a digital money exchanger to have many loyal customers, it must possess four key aspects.

The first is security and reliability. Thanks to Blockchain technology and thousands of encrypted keys, the customer's personal information will be securely encrypted. Data loss by using modern algorithms is simply impossible, as every word has a digital code, which is transmitted between the nodes of the network.

Cryptocurrency transactions on the site should be transparent - this is one of the prerequisites for attracting clients to the site. It is transparency in transfers and exclusion of hidden commissions that will allow your exchanger to be a full-fledged competitor in the digital market.

The last and no less important aspect is confidentiality. Every digital asset exchange platform should act as a guarantor against leakage of customer data and non-disclosure of information to third parties.

If you combine all four main aspects, then you can attract not only more customers but also more money accordingly. We advise you to consider all the criteria so that the functioning of your business will bring constant profits.

What is a payment gateway for cryptocurrencies and how to connect it?

A cryptocurrency payment gateway is a special service that allows payments using cryptocurrency. It integrates with a cryptocurrency exchanger and allows users to make payments in cryptocurrency when purchasing goods or services.

A cryptocurrency payment gateway works similarly as a regular payment gateway, but instead of processing traditional fiat payments, it processes cryptocurrency payments. It can support various cryptocurrencies and blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others.

To make a payment through a cryptocurrency payment gateway, the user usually has to select the appropriate payment method, specify the wallet address, and send the transaction to the specified address. After that, the payment gateway performs the necessary checks and confirmations and then transfers the funds to the address specified by the merchant.

The main advantages of using a cryptocurrency payment gateway include the speed and low transaction fees, the ability to make international payments without having to turn to the banking system, and the security and transparency of a blockchain.

In many cases, connecting a payment gateway for cryptocurrencies requires the following steps:
  1. Choose a cryptocurrency payment gateway which supports the cryptocurrencies and blockchains you need.
  2. Create an account on the payment gateway, if required.
  3. Get a unique API key for your store or service.
  4. Integrate the payment gateway into your system. This may require setting up an API and creating special scripts or software to do payment processing.
  5. Test the payment gateway to make sure it works correctly and processes payments correctly.
  6. Run the payment gateway on your site or app and start accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Connecting a cryptocurrency payment gateway may require special programming and cryptocurrency knowledge. So in this case, a quick and effective solution is to request help from Exsoft specialists, who will do all the work for you and correctly connect the gateway for your exchanger. You will not need to look for individual specialists to make this connection, because Exsoft has a whole team of developers who will make the connection professionally.

What benefits does Exsoft provide to its customers?
  • Development of the necessary basic functionality of the site;
  • Full maintenance of cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • Cryptocurrency payment gateway which will provide connection and storage of the most popular cryptocurrency tokens;
  • Connection of payment services and frequently used bank cards;
  • Consultation in selecting a jurisdiction and obtaining the necessary licenses;
  • Drafting and implementing a business plan which is ideal for your budget;
  • Personalized pricing policy that meets everyone's needs;
  • Adaptive website design for any browser and any mobile device;
  • Automated cryptocurrency processing that will suit both the customer and the client.

We assure you with confidence that we can implement exactly what you need! Probably we've already developed what you've been looking for. Talk to Exsoft experts and get instant optimization of conversion rates, improvement of basic functionality, and promotion of your website in all key parameters. Entrust your crypto business to professionals who can take it to a whole other level and increase your income.

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