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Moderation of directions

Moderation of directions
What is moderation of cryptocurrency exchange destinations?

Moderation of cryptocurrency exchange destinations is the process of controlling and managing the cryptocurrency pairs available for exchange on an exchange platform.

Exchange platforms usually provide a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs, but not all of them may be equally popular or liquid. Moderation of exchange destinations allows the exchanger to control the available exchange destinations and prevent the platform from being used for illegal transactions, such as money laundering or terrorist financing.

In addition, moderating exchange destinations can help the exchanger mitigate risks associated with price volatility of certain cryptocurrencies. An exchanger can temporarily limit the availability of certain cryptocurrency pairs to prevent possible losses due to price spikes.

Moderation of exchange destinations can also help improve the performance of the exchange platform, as the exchanger can focus on the most popular and in-demand cryptocurrency pairs, instead of maintaining a large number of low-popular pairs that may be rarely used.

Direction of cryptocurrency exchange

Success of an exchange service and the number of active users directly depends on the number of exchange destinations. The bigger the list of available cryptocurrencies, the more clients there are.

The presence of a unique coin in the list of cryptocurrencies gives the service a huge advantage over others, because the exchange service has a higher probability of getting into the field of view of the consumer when searching for the exchange service.

We offer not only ready-made solutions for exchange service, but also the opportunity to choose and connect additional currencies and payment systems for your future platform.

When you talk to our specialist, you can specify the exchange directions that will be relevant specifically for your cryptocurrency exchanger, and we will help with their implementation.

The leading payment systems and TOP-60 popular cryptocurrencies are connected to Exsoft system, which you can also integrate via API to your exchanger in just a few clicks, bypassing the routine work of setting up.

Using the company's services, you can choose your own currency and directions for exchange, bank cards available for payment, when making an exchange.

Directions of exchange

Thanks to the flexible system, you can select currencies, add/remove exchange destinations which will be available to your users on the site.

It is also possible to choose banks and cards for payment of transactions. In addition, you can adjust options to use certain destinations in case the service does not have access to such an asset.

Convert USD, UAH, EUR to TOP-60 cryptocurrencies (including bitcoins, litecoins and stabelcoins) and in reverse direction (cryptocurrency to fiat) on your crypto-exchange at affordable prices with Exsoft.

Cryptocurrency exchange regulation

Reliable Exsoft solution allows you to connect an unlimited number of payment systems, banks, money transfers, currencies and exchange directions, because your profit directly depends on it. You can add/remove currencies and exchange directions depending on your needs. We will save your time for other more important business tasks and development of your business.

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