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Many experts say that the design and content of the site are the main criteria for quality. Whether this is true in fact and what criteria are needed to evaluate a good site, let's analyze further.

Indeed, the design - an important part of any site, but not the main, because users are evaluating the web resource is not beauty, and on the information, interactivity and interface.

The rule of three "I's" in creating a crypto-exchange - informativity, interactivity, interface

A quality crypto-exchange should have a high level of usability, be not only easy to use, but also comfortable and understandable for all its users. Therefore, informativeness of the site plays an important role here.

A cryptoexchange should have information about the services provided, methods, exchange terms and all other issues that may arise from the user while using the resource. The amount of information conveyed can be concise and abbreviated, but without losing the main point. Content should be easy to understand, literate and keep the availability of information. That is, the informativeness of the crypto-exchange should let visitors understand what actions and in what sequence they need to do to make the exchange, use all the services and find on the site everything the consumer is interested in.

A high quality crypto-exchange that will have in-demand features and useful content will be able to quickly achieve an increase in traffic and rapid development.

The user interface of a cryptocurrency exchanger is the external part of the website where users will interact with the crypto exchanger. In order to make this interaction as easy and comfortable as possible, it is worth taking care that the user interface of the cryptocurrency exchanger is easy to use and intuitive for every user, even for those who have entered the site and want to make an exchange for the first time.

Since the interface involves information exchange, a high degree of informativeness is a significant sign of a quality interface.

We take into account the design, appearance of the exchanger, and the interface to be intuitive and without the clutter of unnecessary buttons that do not carry the functionality, to ensure uniformity to promote memorability exchanger, ease of use and provide useful features.

Also, an important function is the interactivity of the site, which is responsible for various registration forms, surveys, counters, and forms of communication. After all, it is through the introduction of elements of interactivity that is the interaction with the audience, that is kept in touch between visitors and administration.

Interactivity is a powerful and effective marketing tool that can ensure user engagement. Interactive components are very effective in cryptocurrencies, because they can quite well distinguish the company on the background of its competitors, contribute to a more active attraction of customers, and increase the number of exchanges.

The main rule of working with web resources is that the site is created for people. The same principle of creation should be in the informativeness. Therefore, if a crypto-exchange will be focused on the needs, preferences and wishes of the users, it will definitely have all chances for fruitful development and success.

Exsoft will take care of informativeness, user-friendly interface, interactivity and accessibility of information on the site. This will not only improve the quality, but also increase customers' trust and loyalty to the cryptocurrency exchanger.

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