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Referral program

Referral program

A cryptocurrency exchanger referral program is a way to attract new users to the platform by rewarding already registered users for bringing new customers. This is usually done by granting bonuses or commissions for each new user who registers on the platform using a unique link provided by them.

The benefits of a cryptocurrency exchanger referral program may include:
  • Attracting new users to the cryptocurrency exchange platform, who can become regular customers and increase turnover.
  • Increase user loyalty - users who receive bonuses for attracting new users can become more loyal to the platform and use it more often.
  • Reduced marketing costs - A referral program can be a more effective and cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing methods such as contextual or social media advertising.
  • Providing a referral program can enhance the reputation of a cryptocurrency exchange platform and build user trust in it.
  • A referral program can encourage users to use the cryptocurrency exchange platform more actively, which can lead to an increase in turnover.

However, by implementing referral programs, it is necessary to consider not only the potential benefits but also the possible risks associated with scam and abuse. Therefore, it is important to develop clear rules and restrictions for referral programs to ensure their effective operation and protect the platform from possible risks.

Developing a referral program for a cryptocurrency exchanger is also included in Exsoft's ready-boxed cryptocurrency solution package. You will get a ready cryptocurrency business with all working features and modules.

Our specialists can connect both an ordinary affiliate program and a two-level one. With a regular referral program, users will be rewarded for the profit of the system, which it received from the exchanges made by users' referrals. And the two-tier referral program allows you to receive the same reward, except that users' referrals can invite their own referrals. Thus, your clients get rewards from two levels of referrals, that gives them the opportunity to get more profits, and you, as a business owner, improve customer loyalty to your exchanger.

Referrals are permanently assigned to each client, and all their exchanges bring bonus of rewards on a permanent basis, that is passive income and directly depends on exchanges of those who were invited by the client of the service. That is, the more referrals he invites, the more exchanges they will make on your crypto-exchange, and the greater is the equivalent of these exchanges, the greater will be the reward of the client of the exchanger.

The referral program is a long popular way of attracting new customers to your site with an active link. A resource, in our case, a cryptocurrency exchanger, puts a link on their website, which will bring new users to the site. The person who brought the new customer will, in turn, receive remuneration in the form of monetary interest. Thus, the question "how to make money from the referral program of the cryptocurrency exchanger?" becomes clear. It is also important to note that crypto referral payments will allow every user to try a new kind of digital money and replenish their cryptocurrency wallet.

Exsoft is a ready-boxed solution which dynamically scales exchanger resources as its customer base grows. We support the most complex and interesting projects. We assure you - today is the best day to start your cryptocurrency business.

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