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Reporting and information

Reporting and information

Reporting is a special and very important documentation, which not only shows the results of activity for a week, month, year or any other period of time of your resource, but also the real state of the business. It is through reporting that you can analyze how the company's situation has changed: its profits, losses, prospects, or any transactions.

It is important to understand that reporting is, in principle, a source of decision-making, because thanks to the report you can make decisions about investments, the course of operations, to see the prospects, and even the intention to close the business.

Therefore, reporting not only allows you to understand the actual state of affairs and status, but also to analyze the entire situation in order to make the necessary decisions on the basis of that. This is what will ensure the development of your company, cryptocurrency.

Reporting contains a lot of different indicators, which can be not only analyzed to see an objective picture, but also used in decision-making.

Extended reporting system

Exsoft's pre-boxed crypto-exchange solution offers an advanced reporting system so that the client can constantly analyze various metrics, weigh all risks and see an objective state of affairs based on which he can make balanced and considered decisions for effective, sustainable and continuous development of the crypto-exchange.

Our reporting system includes:

  • report on requests, including executed ones;
  • a report on the cryptocurrency exchanger's profit;
  • The requested report will allow you to analyze the data for a selected period of time in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the activity, the ability of managers, the number of transactions and to analyze the workload.

This report has various useful information and specific data such as:

  • The number of requests during a certain period;
  • number of new requests;
  • the number of completed requests;
  • the number of rejected requests;
  • average time for the first response on the request;
  • average transaction time;
  • satisfaction rate;
  • other.

Based on these data you can not only analyze the performance of the crypto-exchange, but also work on errors, improve and enhance the services provided. Cryptoexchange profit report will display the position of the resource and the results - it is the basis for a dynamic detailed objective and structural analysis of all assets and funding of the cryptoexchange. Based on the data from this report, it will be possible to objectively assess all the crypto exchanger's profits and assets for a specific period of operation, as well as analyze how they have changed compared to the same period in previous years. Based on the periodic analysis of this data, it will be possible to draw conclusions about the growth dynamics of the crypto exchanger and predict the subsequent development and results.

We offer a report in the admin panel of the exchanger - it's a convenient form and a great opportunity to control the indicators whenever, with any periodicity and for the required period of time. It is an advanced solution to analyze key financial performance indicators, when you need it.

The reporting provided will not only help to get accurate information about the profit of the crypto exchanger and analyze the dynamics, but also to study the client, its needs, preferences in order to improve the resource, improve the quality of the services provided and thereby attract new clients and increase the number of applications. This is an opportunity to make timely and correct decisions based on the economic reality of your crypto exchanger.

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