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Liquid directions

Liquid directions

Cryptocurrency is a virtual asset that has a real monetary value. It first appeared in 2009 and was called Bitcoin. Initially, people were cautious about this new kind of money and many did not accept it at all. However, over time, everything has changed dramatically. After Bitcoin, thousands of other coins began to appear, which increased the number of those who wanted to use them and earn money from them. They gave users the opportunity to buy and sell anything for cryptocurrency: a house, a car, an apartment, a land plot, other real estates, electronic equipment, financial and other services. Crypto-currencies can be used for investments, payments in stores, as well as for self-mining. As a result of the increasing popularity of digital coins and tokens almost all over the world, the need for cryptocurrency exchangers has increased dramatically.

A cryptocurrency exchanger is an Internet site that stores virtual coins and tokens for the purpose of their further sale, purchase, or exchange. Each exchange site offers an individual amount of coins. The main purpose of the exchanger is to provide financial services for exchanging cryptocurrencies into fiat money or among themselves.

If you already have a ready-made crypto exchange and want to connect new cryptocurrencies, or if you want to create a completely new business in the cryptosphere at all, then you are in the right place. Exsoft is your ideal option to develop a turn-key crypto exchange. In addition, you can connect new liquid destinations to your existing exchanger without going into all the details, but only by paying for the corresponding service from Exsoft.

Which cryptocurrencies are called liquid?

The liquidity of a cryptocurrency is its ability to be bought or sold quickly and easily in the market at current prices. The higher the liquidity, the easier and faster it is to sell or buy a cryptocurrency without affecting its price in the market.

The liquidity of cryptocurrency depends on several factors, including:
  • Trading volume on the exchange: as higher the trading volume, the higher the liquidity;
  • Number of bidders: as more buyers and sellers, the betters the liquidity;
  • Variety of payment methods: as there are more payment and withdrawal methods, the betters the liquidity;
  • Reputation and reliability of exchange: the more reliable and well-known an exchange is, the higher its liquidity.

Cryptocurrency's high liquidity makes it quick and easy to buy or sell without significantly affecting the market price. That makes cryptocurrency more attractive for investors and traders.

Liquid areas of exchange

The liquid direction of cryptocurrency exchange is those cryptocurrency pairs that have sufficient liquidity to quickly buy or sell at market price.

It is important for a cryptocurrency exchanger to have liquid destinations in its portfolio, as this ensures fast processing of requests to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This is exactly the kind of connection the Exsoft team offers. If the destinations are low-liquid, users may encounter long delays in order processing and significant volatility in cryptocurrency prices. So don't lose potential clients with non-liquid destinations and order services from proven and reliable Exsoft specialists.

Some of the most liquid cryptocurrencies on the market today include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ripple (XRP), Solana (SOL), Polkadot (DOT) etc., which our team will quickly integrate into your exchanger.

And although liquid cryptocurrency exchange destinations may change over time depending on supply and demand in the cryptocurrency market, it is important to constantly analyze the market and make changes to the portfolio of destinations to ensure the most efficient trading for the users of the exchanger. The Exsoft team is happy to help you with this, so don't wait for your competitors to start making money by picking the most liquid exchange destinations, be one step ahead and connect them first.

The volume of cryptocurrency trading worldwide amounts to billions of dollars. That's why Exsoft covers and customizes a wide variety of financial aspects for the operation of your business. One of which is liquidity destinations. The liquidity of cryptocurrencies equals conversion to cash or other funds. Your exchanger will allow its customers to exchange crypto for crypto. Anyone can exchange bitcoin for ether, or tezer for dogicoin. There will also be a conversion of crypto into fiat, which can provide an exchange of cryptocurrency to the desired currency to the client, for example, the dollar, hryvnia, euro. The liquidity of the crypto market allows users to perform a variety of financial transactions with cryptocurrencies, thus enticing new users. Exsoft takes all these aspects into account and actively applies them to improve your business.

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