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Working with customers

Working with customers

Number of clients in a business, startup or any other sphere always encouraged, because it's not just a sign of success, but also determines the company's reputation. Work with customers is always a time-consuming process, but very important, because established communication affects the effectiveness of cooperation, subsequent referrals, brand reputation and has a positive impact on the attitude, loyalty and continued referral of customers to the company.

Working with clients: channels of communication, nuances, and importance of the process

The main problem with most companies is that they simply imitate customer service and support. After all, what they call customer service work, in fact, could have been handled by a website FAQ, where you can find answers to your questions if you want. Bad support will direct the client to independently search for an answer to their question, somewhere on the pages of the site to get a standard answer that will not solve the question, much less satisfy the client's request.

This is definitely not an option for a ready-made cryptocurrency exchanger solution from Exsoft. We want and do everything necessary to satisfy the client's request. After all, cool support is when the customer gets an exact answer right away, hears that his request is immediately taken into account and gets consultation. For this reason, each exchanger has a unique functionality for customer support, and for a fee you can also connect online chat to quickly communicate with customers.

One of the principles of Exsoft is understanding the individuality of each request, and its impossibility to be solved by a well-learned answer and a template proposal, solution or advice.

Three main areas of work with clients:
  • online customer support;
  • technical client support;
  • consulting the client.

Online customer support is an effective and very convenient way of communication with the client, because it gives the opportunity to solve questions and fulfill requests remotely and at a convenient time. The biggest advantage of online support is round-the-clock customer service.

There are different forms of online support and they are varied depending on the client requests. Among the ways of such communication can be - a form of communication through the website, customer chat on the online resource or in various popular messengers such as Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. Everything is quite individual, the form of communication is determined based on the client's wishes and the way of contact. Also online support is a significant and very important part of customer relationship management.

Technical client support is necessary, important and a priority during the whole cooperation. If there are any problems, questions, and changed requests about the service provided, the client can always count on technical support, which can correct problems as quickly and professionally as possible, change and improve what the client wants.

Customer consulting helps to establish communication, to introduce the client to the services, to provide all the necessary information, to discuss terms of cooperation and advise the most suitable solutions based on the client's requests.

You do not need to think much about the development of additional functionality for technical support because everything has been already thought out and implemented in the Exsoft ready solutions. All you need to do is contact us, approve all terms and start implementing your exchanger by our team.

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