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In today's world cryptocurrency continues to grow rapidly, the demand for acceptance and exchange of cryptocurrencies is increasing every day. So now probably only lazy people are not interested in investing in crypto, but in addition to mining, spot trading or futures there is a larger and more stable way of earning - your own cryptocurrency exchanger.

There are two main ways here: creating a cryptocurrency exchanger on your own from scratch, or launching your own secure cryptocurrency and fiat currency exchanger using a ready-made software solution from Exsoft.

If you choose the first option, to create a cryptocurrency exchanger, you will need to find a team of professional programmers, because not everyone knows how to work with such a niche. Spend a lot of your time, a lot of effort and just a lot of money to go through all the stages yourself: from creating the concept, performing the terms of reference and the subsequent release and launch of the crypto-exchange on the market.

Opening your own cryptocurrency exchange service is a very time-consuming and costly process. Many beginners face a number of problems, such as:

  • preparation of necessary documentation;
  • familiarization with the conditions of work;
  • optimization and support of the technical side of the project;
  • connection of payment systems and cryptocurrencies through APL.

But all these conditions and requirements can be performed for you by Exsoft.

If you choose the second option, you don't need to look for programmers or blockchain development specialists, we will do everything for you in the shortest possible time, we only need a few weeks. Exsoft will solve all tasks for you professionally and efficiently.

Exsoft offers you a turnkey cryptocurrency startup solution with a recognizable, professionally executed, user-friendly, intuitive interface.

We advise you not to spend months of time and just obscenely large budgets to develop a crypto-exchange from scratch. Exsoft offers ready-made boxed solutions for your business. After all, you can start a cryptocurrency exchange business now. The time and money saved can be spent on its development, promotion and scaling, so that many people will quickly hear about you and everyone will use your services.

Exsoft is a perfect ready-made software solution for launching your own secure cryptocurrency and fiat currency exchanger, which offers such services:

  • Customizable user interface.
  • User-friendly and flexible admin panel to manage users, assets and tools.
  • Full technical support of the project, starting with the domain and up to the output.
  • Connection of fiat currencies (UAH, USD, EUR) and TOP-60 cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins.
  • Clear business model.
  • Data security (built-in two-factor authentication (2FA), high quality protection against DDoS-attacks).
  • Module for multilevel affiliate programs.
  • Extended system of financial reporting.
  • Automatic exchange to any fiat or cryptocurrency.
  • Integration of leading payment systems via API.
  • Adaptive web design of the cryptocurrency exchanger, ensuring proper display of the site on various devices.
  • Marketing module, which allows you to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on different platforms.
Advantages of working with us:
  • multi-level protection for customer data and wallet security;
  • improving existing business or creating new business;
  • reducing time spent on problem identification and downtime;
  • streamlining the management process;
  • Development of internal policies, provisions tailored to a variety of markets (AML&KYC compliance, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, GDPR).

Exsoft is a great way to start a business in the crypto industry. Given our long experience in the cryptocurrency industry, our team has developed the most profitable and efficient cases for your business. We offer both a package plan, which includes the full range of our services, and individual calculations, depending on your needs. Easy maintenance, 24/7 technical support, saving money and time are just some of the benefits you will get when cooperating with us.

We essentially give you a turnkey business, offering a fully automated cryptocurrency exchanger solution and providing a full service package.

A ready-made cryptocurrency exchanger from Exsoft will be able to provide quality services, which promotes customer loyalty and helps you scale your business.

Want to start a business in the crypto industry, but don't know how to create a cryptocurrency exchanger? The right, successful, right solution is to create your turnkey cryptocurrency exchanger in a couple of weeks with Exsoft. Save your time and money with a ready boxed solution from Exsoft. To find out the cost of all offered services, peculiarities of working with clients and terms of cooperation with Exsoft, please contact us.

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