1. How to open a cryptocurrency exchanger?
  1. How to create a cryptocurrency exchanger?You can build from scratch or buy a ready-made solution for a cryptocurrency exchanger that includes basic functions (e.g., order processing, user balance management, exchange rate management, etc.).
  2. What do I need to create a cryptocurrency exchanger?Domain name, VPS server; accounts in payment systems, bank accounts (if working with exchanges involving banks); necessary reserve funds.
  3. Where can I buy a turnkey cryptocurrency exchanger?You can order a ready-made boxed solution for crypto-exchanger development from us.

2. Installation.
  1. How fast is the installation of a crypto-exchanger?If you choose Exsoft's turnkey solution for your exchanger, you will get a completely working service within a month after signing the contract. The final implementation period depends on the set of functions and the number of currencies that you would like to connect to your site.
  2. How fast is the integration of new payment systems and cryptocurrencies?Due to the fact that our team has extensive experience in connecting, we can implement all the fiat and cryptocurrencies you need in a few days.

3. Cryptoexchanger functioning.
  1. Do you modify the software as the customer wishes?Yes, for some packages it is included in the price. For others - we take individual orders. Describe in as much detail as possible your wishes in the SRD (Software Requirements Document). The cost of work is determined based on your SRD.
  2. Can I change the program code?We do not forbid you to change the program code, but we cannot guarantee the performance after your changes.
  3. Can I use a boxed solution and integrate new payment systems across multiple domains?No. 1 copy per domain or subdomain.
  4. If the features of the software product are not enough, what to do?Contact our technical support specialists, they will answer all your questions.
  5. Is your off-the-shelf boxed solution compatible with the monitoring services?The crypto exchanger developed by Exsoft team has everything you need to connect to monitoring. After launching the exchanger, you can gradually apply for listing in less popular monitorings, advancing over time to more popular ones.
  6. What technologies do you use in development?The ready-boxed crypto exchanger solution from Exsoft uses various technologies, such as Symfony, React, API Platform, GraphQL, RabbitMQ and others. In addition, we care about the security of users and the exchanger as a whole, so we have also implemented robust mechanisms to protect and monitor the system.
  7. Which payment systems are already integrated into the personal account?Our personal account is already integrated with various PSP and EMI. Request the current list from your manager.
  8. Can you connect third-party exchanges to the exchanger?Yes, we can realize that. Contact us to discuss the matter.
  9. What cryptocurrencies may work on my exchanger?We can connect both fiat currencies - UAH, USD, EUR, and 60+ of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins.
  10. I want to connect new cryptocurrencies to my exchanger, can you help?Business growth with us follows the development path we've already taken. If you have a crypto exchange and want to scale your business, we can integrate additional payment systems, new exchange directions and cryptocurrencies via API.

4. Personal account.
  1. How is the exchanger managed?Management is provided in the admin panel with a convenient and flexible admin panel to manage users, assets and tools.
  2. What other data can be found in the admin panel of the exchanger?
    • advanced financial reporting system;
    • module for a two-level affiliate program;
    • statistics on applications and system profits;
    • information about the customers of the service;
    • module for request management;
    • adding and removing new project managers;
    • verification of identity or bank cards;
    • currency management (enabling and disabling);
    • marketing module for performance tracking;
    • other features.

5. Costs and payment.
  1. How to make a purchase?Write to us and our representative will contact you to clarify all details of payment.
  2. Are orders processed over the weekend?Sure. The manager will process your order even on weekends. The exception is nighttime.
  3. What do I get when I buy or rent the product?The list of services and modules depends on the selected pricing plan, here are just some of them:
    • business plan;
    • business consulting;
    • opening a legal entity;
    • getting a crypto license;
    • marketing plan;
    • API access;
    • integration of the most popular payment systems through API with their further update;
    • technical support;
    • it is possible to change the license for another domain name;
    • default Crypto Transaction Monitoring Tool;
    • third-party exchange integration;
    • data security;
    • connection of fiat currencies (UAH, USD, EUR) and 60+ cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins;
    • a clear business model that takes into account hedging against cryptocurrency volatility risks;
    • module for two-tier affiliate program;
    • advanced financial reporting system;
    • layout of adaptive web design for cryptocurrency exchange that ensures proper display of the site on various devices;
    • marketing module, which allows you to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on various platforms;
    • a system of automatic calculation of managers' salaries and the reports output.
  4. What payment methods are available?Payment for services is available using fiat currencies as well as the most popular cryptocurrencies.
  5. What pricing plans are available?
    • Crypto-start
    • Crypto-basic
    • Crypto-premium
    • Set up
    • Rent
    there are also additional options for the design and transfer of all modules for your software. You can learn more about the list of services that are included in each package, as well as their cost, in the section «Price packages».

6. Security.
  1. Are there any protections against DDoS attacks and other scams?Yes, of course! Our services include built-in two-factor authentication (2FA), as well as high-quality protection against DDoS attacks. In addition, we use a multi-level access system and firewalls.

7. Technical support.
  1. Do you provide technical support?Yes, we provide technical support for all questions regarding our products and services. You can contact us for advice at any time.

8. Promotion (marketing).
  1. Is there a marketing function in the admin panel?Yes! Our team developed a marketing module that allows you to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on various sites.
  2. Do you perform SEO promotion of a resource?Yes, we provide this service. For some pricing plans, this service is included in the list of services.
  3. Which types of marketing services do you provide?It may be promotion in search engines and social networks, setting up contextual advertising, development of product promotion strategies, etc. For more information, please contact our managers, who will be glad to advise you.

9. Other questions.
  1. Is it possible to change the domain name in the license?Yes, it's possible. You can change your license to an another domain name (as part of the support and a certain service package).
  2. Can you help get listed in the BestChange.ru monitoring?Yes! We can provide such a service, as we have experience in that field, and we know all the tricks and peculiarities of connecting the exchanger to this monitoring. So do not waste your time and effort, trust our experts to do it. For more information, please contact our managers, they will advise you and orient you on the cost.
  3. What means by rates export, and why is it needed?Export rate files are needed to include the exchanger in the listings of monitoring services. By implementing our boxed solution, you automatically get rates that can easily be exported and provided to the monitoring site.
  4. The FAQ has no answer - what to do?If you have any questions about the Exsoft platform, please contact the site administration. Choose any convenient way to contact us and send your questions or suggestions. We are always happy to share more information and help each of our clients.

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